MIODOWNIK – honey dipper


designer: Grynasz Studio

Nature is where the finest solutions come from – ZACZYN

The ZACZYN honey dipper is inspired by the structure of a honeycomb. The shape enables users to scoop just the right amount of honey, without unnecessary drips. Thanks to the materials and technologies used in the production process, MIODOWNIK is suitable for scooping honey that has already crystallised. A coating of silver gives the dipper germicidal properties.

MIODOWNIK was manufactured for ZACZYN at the Hefra factory, boasting over 180 years of tradition. The highest quality materials, and a combination of traditional and
state-of-the-art silver-plating technologies have been used in the production process, ensuring that MIODOWNIK is made with meticulous attention to detail and safe to use.

Galvanic coating of .999 fine silver (20 microns).

producer: Hefra for ZACZYN


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