Cała w Mące

One of those special places just round the corner, which transform shopping into a ritual and a social occasion. “Cała w mące”, the artisan bakery run by Monika Walecka and located in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district, is woven into the modernist fabric of this old and beautiful part of the city. At “Cała w Mące”, fine breads are made by hand, using top quality ingredients.

with a soul

And it is for the love of bread that the ZACZYN brand and the “Cała w Mące” bakery came together to complete this project. After all, nothing beats fresh, crusty buttered bread!

We think of CREMA as a dish meant to hold something special; it is the product of the collaborative effort of two local companies. Both of them are based in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district and both promote the ideas of neighbourliness, specialisation and mutual energy flow. Zaczyn (Polish for leaven) is where bread begins. Zaczyn is where ideas grow.