Warszawska Fabryka Platerów HEFRA S.A. [Warsaw Silver-Plated Goods Factory HEFRA, a joint-stock company] is Poland’s only manufacturer of silver and silver-plated cutlery and tableware. High-quality stainless steel cutlery is also manufactured at HEFRA

tradition and quality

Factory and production history date back to 1824, when cutlery and other silverware manufacturing unit was founded in Warsaw by brothers Joseph and Alphonse Fraget. The new company developed swiftly, securing a market for their goods and winning loyal customers. Despite wars and other historical upheavals, company technologies and the knowledge accumulated over the years have been preserved

Hefra was founded in 1961, as a result of a merger between Warsaw’s two largest pre-war manufacturers of silver-plated goods: the Joseph Fraget factory and the plant owned by the Henneberg brothers (est. 1856). Thus the HEFRA of today is a continuator of almost two centuries of tradition and experience. The company’s production process is a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art processing technologies. Drawing on experience and constantly widening its scope of expertise, HEFRA offers highest quality products manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, hand-polished and engraved.